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Lemonade | Ringside Cafe 07.26.14

Three thoughts popped into my head last night at the show. [1]  When you put together an all-star team, sometimes it gels; sometimes it doesn’t. This conglomeration was spectacular! [2]  The unsung hero of the night was drummer Tom Damon. [3]  It was too damn loud at the Ringside Café in St. Pete last night….


Summer of 2012

My life has always revolved around music. I grew up in Baltimore, listening to three superb soul stations (WWIN, WSID & WEBB) and the Rolling Stones, transitioning to psychedelia and funk. I was fortunate enough to see Hendrix, Zeppelin, and Derek & the Dominos. The 70s were dominated by Zappa, Grateful Dead and Parliament-Funkadelic. After…

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