The BIG What? Schedule Destined to Deliver The BIG WOW!

First we got the lineup for The BIG What? at Shakori Hills Community Arts Center in Pittsboro NC. Then just recently you saw the daily lineups. Now the schedule is out — time to make your plans. Basically, those plans are [A] Get there early each day, and [B] Stay up late each night. Allegedly there will be some sort of nap in there somewhere.

Nick MacDaniels & Jesse Hensley of Big Something


Casey Cranford, the tenor sax and EWI wizard for host BIG Something, leads Casey’s Welcome What Parade at 4. And from there, you’d best fasten your seatbelts. You don’t want to miss the parade, but you really don’t want to miss the insanity that is Opposite Box with the first set (look for more about them later in the week).

The Fritz. Foto by Chuckie

Then Urban Soil will serve up a great set of Americana and more, followed by the Big Daddy Love reunion. Squeezed in the middle will be The BIG Hug. After Big Daddy Love, Town Mountain will carry us into the evening before our hosts play the first of their four sets, followed by the all-out funk onslaught of The Fritz. And Colorado’s SunSquabi are the perfect band to play the late-night tent.

Yoga, Indo and Hoops are on the activities docket, and the theme of the day is “UFOs are Real.”


“Blue Dream” is the theme, with more yoga, into, and hoops in addition to arts and flow.

Barefoot Wade does his solo thing at noon, and there is no reprieve as music spins at you into the night. Ben Coolen and Jive Mother Mary get you warmed up for Litz, followed by Emma’s Lounge with their space-age folk wave. Funk You will, and then more insanity ensues with Dr. Bacon (look for Pat and Janet down front).


BIG Something claims an early slot before Empire Strikes Brass delivers what they promise. And then, as Pat says, “Friends don’t let friends miss Turkuaz.” That means everybody will be there. Then delight to Spiritual Rez, an Empire Strikes Brass parade, and the oh-so-mysterious Late Night Tent set by — we don’t have a clue, but we strongly suspect we will be thrilled!


In to the regular activities, there will be a DIY tie dye event. The day’s theme is “The Glow,” and WHAT Awards will be announced during the BS set break.

Of Tomorrow gets the kick-off, followed by one of Florida’s greatest exponents, Come Back Alice (more about them to come as well). The Wright Avenue and Rebekah Todd & the Odyssey are up next. You can catch a brief break next after the BIG What? family photo. During the “break,” the Consider the Source boys will be holding a clinic that should be pure dynamite.


Everyone Orchestra is up next, conducted by Matt Butler, then mind-blowing fusion from Consider the Source. Big Mean Sound Machine will prove their name accurate, with Buffalo’s great Aqueous next. Your gracious hosts then play two sets, the first conducted by Butler, which should be a blast. And Zach Deputy will keep everybody dancing in the Late Night Tent.

So there you have it. Red Bull. Monster. Coffee. Cuban coffee. 5-Hour Energy. Something. You’re gonna need it.

You can sleep later.

The BIG What?


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