Michael Lyn Bryant Celebrates Birthday Saturday at Dunedin Brewery – With a Little Help from His Friends

There is a lot to be said for karma. If you are the VP/GM in charge of band booking, and over the years you have bent over backward to bring in the very best music available to your venue and have made sure all musicians are treated like honored guests, paybacks can be hell — aciously wonderful.

Such is the case of Michael Lyn Bryant of the Dunedin Brewery, set to record another ellipse around the sun. When the opportunity arose for a potential party, musicians from 17 bands immediately stepped forward to help him, including the remarkable Roosevelt Collier. Bryant explains:

Mike Bryant & Joe Marcinek

“There was a hole in the calendar on 8/26, so I made a last minute decision to celebrate 34 years on this planet by taking to the stage with numerous musical friends for a night of improv & surprises. Join me!” – MLB (Dunedin Brewery’s VP / GM / Band Booker)

Expect free-form music, from a rotating cast of unique musicians, including but not limited to:

Roosevelt Collier

Michael Lyn Bryant (Veird / Trout in Paris)
Roosevelt Collier (Bokanté / The Lee Boys)
Adam Deimling (Veird / Meindlig)
Brad Gilmore (Rise of Saturn / Weaksauce)
Tucker Sody (Displace)
Vinny Svodoba (Displace)
Dave Gerulat (Shoeless Soul)
Trevor McDannel (Future Vintage / Juanjamon Band)
Austin Llewyllen (Row Jomah)
Jon Ditty (Yo! Jon Ditty Raps!)
Mike “Mountain” Schuman (Skull and Bone)
Brian Connolly (Veird / Stick Martin)
Justin Hagerty
Nat Guy (Gullwing)
Alex Sears (S.P.O.R.E.)

This IS a party. There MIGHT be disco. There WILL be foolin’ around!

Please join the legion of fans ready to wish Mike Bryant a glorious happy birthday Saturday at DunBrew!

Not a political statement. Just simple human decency.


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