Shamrocker’s Funk Ball: Your Safe Place Away from St. Paddy’s Drivers!

There are just certain days you ought to avoid driving, given the maniacs on the road who just might have had a wee drop too much to drink. New Year’s Eve is one of those. Another is St. Patrick’s Day, or weekend, or whatever day it is that the party overflows into the parking lots of Irish and Irish-wannabe establishments.

You probably avoided the NYE maniacs by attending Hometeam New Year’s Rally at Maddox Ranch with a bunch of your safety-minded friends. Now you can do the same for St. Paddy’s, and you have Jerry Chambers to thank! Jerry is throwing this epic party as The Dirt Entertainment & The Harmonic Connection Present: The Shamrocker’s Funk Ball!

The Shamrocker’s Funk Ball is three-day music festival with camping in Bartow, Florida. There is music galore of every shape, size, color and description… and much more, including Slip ’n’ slides, food vendors, yoga workshops, food drives, sunrise sets, drum circles, and flow arts performances!!!

Take a quick gander at this musical lineup.

For starters, you have some of the very best bands in the Hometeam family, including Come Back Alice, the Juanjamon Band, Ajeva, Sonic Stew, Row Jomah, shoeless soul, Funk Shui, Porcupine, Sam All and Somatic.

Add to that list Atlanta’s Space Kadet, jamsters Guavatron, and Broke Mr. Jones, Control Fall, Fuzzy Britches, Gingerbread Boy, and the Shamrocker’s All-Star Band.

And you know you need some The Happy Campers, Damon Fowler, Heather Gillis, Betty Fox, Darth Brooks, TrainQuill, and The Electric​ Suns.

On the EDM/ psychedelic bass/ electronica/ dub/ world/ dance/ trance dance/ reiki bass side of things, there are lots of great names, featuring Yheti (Ohio), Kaminanda (Victoria BC), Levitation Jones, Andreilien, Sixis (Berkeley), Living Light and GypsyMassive.

Your weekend will be filled with everything from Bangarang to Zebbler, with lots of Dropkick, G-Space, Soundleake, Signal Kraft, Demise, DJS, DJ Maestro, Smowqueed, and Tarzan. And more.

Green beer? I suppose so. MusicFestNews will see YOU in Bartow! OFF the road and SAFE!



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