All Aboard The Motet Train!

The Motet are steamrolling all over the country. Last weekend, they crushed two shows at Funk Fest 8. The tour resumed with shows in Tennessee and South Carolina, and tonight they hit Charlotte.

After two NC shows, they head back out west, then back to Florida for Fool’s Paradise in St. Augustine. After shows up and down the East Coast, finishing at the High Flyer Fest in Augusta GA, they head back out west, then down to Jazz Fest.

Along the way, The Motet will hit One Vibration Fest (Dolores CO), Disc Jam (Stephentown NY), Electric Forest (Rothbury MI – both weekends), Deep Roots Festival (Masontown WV), and Resonance Music Festival (Thornville OH).

At last week’s Funk Fest, we said:

The Motet was up again, and they threw down an amazing set of funk and jazz, with vocalist Lyle Divinsky in his usual mode, dancing up a storm and funking everything up. They began with a great instrumental; Ryan Jalbert was lit up all set on guitar. Meanwhile, Gabe Mervine (trumpet) and Drew Sayers (sax) were all over the set. By the time they got to “Back It Up,” Joey Porter was making it very jazzy on electric piano. A really funky Herbie Hancock-style jam was next, Porter on clavinet and electric piano, Garrett Sayers huge on bass.

Divinsky asked us if we wanted some P-Funk, promptly delivering “Getten to Know You.” They also blew out tremendous versions of originals “Keep On Don’t Stoppin’” and closer “Closed Mouths (Don’t Get Fed),” Dave Watts propelling all the action from his drum kit. Divinsky was a whirling dervish the entire set.

All aboard The Motet train!

The Motet:



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