New, Improved Jam Cruise Schedule and Special Guests


No sooner did we post about the exciting Jam Cruise schedule than the new, improved schedule was released with even more fun stuff to do! On top of that, we neglected to mention the special guests on board, either.

Steve Berlin is a saxophone and keyboard player best known for his long tenure with Los Lobos, and his resume includes the Blasters and more. Berlin hosts the late-night Jazz Lounge Sunday.


Roosevelt Collier is one of the kings of the pedal steel guitar (and, admittedly, our favorite). He still plays with The Lee Boys, an amazing family of musicians from Miami, and has played with almost every musician on the jam scene. He has hosted his Getdowns from coast to coast, including his recent blowout at Hometeam New Year’s Rally, and this weekend he and Fareed Haque hook up for two incendiary nights at The Maple Leaf in NOLA.


No words adequately describe Mike Dillon. He is a percussionist of stunning ability, including mallet instruments. Dillon calls New Orleans home and is constantly working an touring. Rock, funk, jazz, punk, you name it — Dillon does it with amazing flair. Not to mention stage-diving. He has been a member of Billy Goat, Hairy Apes BMX, Critters Buggin’, the Dead Kenny Gs, Garage A Trois and more.


John Bell refers to Col. Bruce Hampton (Ret.) as “the granddaddy of us all.”  The Col. surfaced first in the legendary Hampton Grease Band and was next heard in The Late Bronze Age. Always centered in Atlanta, he is best know as the catalyst for the Aquarium Rescue Unit, and since then has put together a half-dozen more excellent groups.


Steve Kimock is one of the most respected guitar players anywhere, in any genre. He was at the center of seminal band Zero and then KVHW. He lent his talents to The Other Ones and has toured with his own excellent band. More recently, he performed in a quartet with the late great Dr. Bernie Worrell. Kimock hosts the late-night Jam Room Saturday and performs with Lebo Tuesday in the Crystal Atrium. He will also lead afternoon yoga on Monday.


It will be great to see Cyril Neville on board. The percussionist and vocalist is part of New Orleans royalty as a member of the Neville Brothers and also played with brother Art in the Meters. Given that the Original Meters are on board, we hope to see him with them! The Meters hit the Pool Deck Sunday and the Stardust Theater Tuesday. Neville will also present in Jam Talk Tuesday in the Crystal Atrium.


The Shook Twins will be very active on board. Katelyn and Laurie hail from Idaho. Katelyn: guitar, ukulele, Glockenspiel, mandolin, vocals. Laurie: banjo, percussion, guitar, vocals, beatboxing, bass, looping, ocarina. They lead yoga Saturday and perform as a duo Sunday in Spinnaker Lounge.


Words are also inadequate to define Mike Dillon’s compatriot Skerik. He is a saxophone player of brilliant talent, and his use of electronics with the saxophone is groundbreaking. The Seattle giant has put together numerous excellent bands including his Syncopated Taint and Bandalabra. He is a member of Critters Buggin’, the Dead Kenny Gs, Garage A Trois and Crack Sabbath. He and Dillon also recorded and performed extensively with Les Claypool.


We cannot wait to get on board! MusicFestNews will see you Jam Cruisers soon!

Photographs courtesy of John Phillips



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    If anybody by chance (and I know it’s a long shot) happens to have a photo(s) of any “meme” posters about that guy that people were bullying on JC XII in 2014 (similar to the Tyson above), get in touch with me and I will give you $14,000 cash. It’s my understanding I can gift another US Citizen 14k as a gift, tax free


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