As Dweezil Zappa is about to roll out the new Cease and Desist tour, we can’t wait to see what he DOES play!


We just posted about the new tour that, once upon a time, was referred to as Zappa Plays Zappa, which likely got its names from an amazing memorial tribute album identified as UMRK 02 titled FZ Plays FZ on the spine and Frank Zappa Plays the Music of Frank Zappa on the cover. You’d remember it if you’ve seen it — it has a fuzzy black mustache and soul patch (whatever you call it) glued to the textured black cover.


The liner notes? Here is the introduction:

Greetings music lovers, Dweezil here.

The album was released in August of 1996, not quite three years after Frank’s passing.

Of course, Dweezil can no longer use the ZPZ name he recorded and toured with, which is why it is now:


Which begs an interesting question: exactly what WILL he play with his amazing band? A year ago in the fall, ZPZ was on the One Size Fits All tour, celebrating the 40th anniversary of that amazing album. Now?


For one thing, it is very possible we will hear some of his great solo music from via zammata’, his 2015 album. We certainly hope so. From there, speculation is wide open. Over the past eleven years, his bands have dipped into almost every conceivable album his father released, from Freak Out’s “Trouble Every Day” to songs Frank’s 1988 12-piece band played regularly, with lots of gems thrown in such as “Road Ladies” and “Eat That Question.” (Say, that’d be a great name for a documentary. Wait! What? Oh!)

If you’ve seen Dweezil and his band before (regardless of what it was called at the time), you know it doesn’t matter what he plays, only that he does play. The greatest compliment you can pay to this band is that Frank would have been delighted to play with them. They are: Scheila Gonzalez, saxophone, flute, keyboards, harmonica, vocals; Ryan Brown, drums, percussion, vocals; Ben Thomas, lead vocals, trumpet, trombone, rhythm guitar; Chris Norton, keyboards, violin, vocals; and Kurt Morgan, bass, vocals.


“Bring the band on down behind me, boys.”

The tour starts this Wednesday in Pensacola and runs until January 26th. The band then resumes the tour April 25th through May 6th.

You can read last week’s MusicFestNews article about the new name here and another about the family feud here.




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