‘People Say’ you should see Holey Miss Moley’s Tribute to the Meters!


Holey Miss Moley is “a nine-piece Funk-Flavored Rock-Soul-Infused Groove Factory from Everywhere, Florida.” That’s what their Facebook profile says. (Also, Muncie, Indiana.) They rock, swing, play the blues, go deep into Afrobeat, funky your soul and can hip-hop with the best of them.

This is a group that grabs you deep, deep down in your soul. They perform many excellent originals, and we eagerly anticipate their album. They also love cover songs. HMM has performed wonderful cover sets of the music of P-Funk and various hip-hop artists, and many in the band worked with reed player Christian Ryan’s Frank Zappa reviews.


Their regular music sets feature both originals and covers, but there is no band that Holey Miss Moley covers more regularly than The Meters. And thank heavens for that. They do the music true justice. Perhaps you’ve seen them play “(Doodle Loop) the World is a Little Bit Under the Weather” or “People Say.” Maybe “Cissy Strut” or “Just Kissed My Baby.” And, topping the list, “It Ain’t No Use” (with their astounding “Ja Jam” coda).

Tomorrow night, Holey Miss Moley will perform their fourth annual Meters tribute at Ace’s Lounge in Bradenton (a great club), with Wild Root opening the show. Wild Root is an outstanding funk fusion band, making this a fabulous one-two punch to your soul. Music starts at 9.

Tie Your Shoes Reviews will see you at Ace’s!


Want to know more about the Meters? Check out this review of their 1974 masterpiece Rejuvenation.


DEC 09  The Hummingbird Stage & Taproom | Macon, GA  w/ Freddie’s Finest Macon, GA

DEC 10  Ace’s Lounge | Bradenton FL  w/ Wild Root

DEC 16  de Bine Brewing Co. | Palm Harbor FL

DEC 29  Hometeam New Year’s Rally | Maddox Ranch | Lakeland FL (Dec 29 – Jan 1)

JAN 15  Buzz Fest | Gator’s Cafe | Treasure Island FL

JAN 19  Lettuce After-Party | Ringside Cafe | St. Petersburg FL  w/ The Juanjamon Band

JAN 21  Zombie Masquerade Ball (the Bath Salt Zombies) | Bank & Blues |Daytona Beach



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