Correction to My Love Affair with Holey Miss Moley


I am ashamed to admit that I published an untruth last week. My article about Holey Miss Moley on November 23rd at the Ringside had an error (you can read that article here). The love affair part was NOT an error. However, I announced that it was my 34th HMM show.

That was a lie. Turns out, it was number 39. Which meant that the HMM show at the Dunedin Brewery last Saturday was number 40.

I feel so relieved to get that off my chest.

This was again a stripped-down version of the nonet, missing four regular members with one quasi-regular substitute. Out were Christian Ryan (strepped throat), Miss Robyn Alleman (kidnapped by Twisty Chris, we think), Vernon Suber, and Yral ‘dadduedondrums’ Morris (playing with Come Back Alice). At the drum kit once again was Jamal ‘Music City’ Wright, a great addition to any band but especially this one. (Do all drummers have a ‘middle name,’ Thunderfoot?)

Regular band members Jacob Cox, Kenny ‘Bonesaw’ Harvey (OK, bass players, too?), Mikey Guzman, Tony Morales and the Hoosier, Danny Clemmons, were there. And a new sound man! Ooooh! How was that going to work out?

The sound was spectacular. It is always consistently excellent to magnificent at the Dunedin Brewery, and the man I did not know was superb.

Galactic’s “Doo Rag” was a great place to start, followed by “Just Kissed My Baby” (The Meters). After their fine original “Bermuda Triangle,” Cox tore it up again on Robin Trower’s “Bridge of Sighs,” Clemmons’ vocals perfect. My notes say: HOLY SHIZZ.

Next offered was a deep, bluesy take on “House of the Rising Sun,” Cox again out front, Guzman sounding great on organ. Another Meters favorite followed, “Hey Pocky A-Way,” before the band stepped deep into “Superstition” funk, Harvey and Wright absolutely nasty. Guzman knocked this out on clavinet and electric piano, Cox one more time into the fray.

As pointed out previously, Cox and Guzman really filled in the gaps left in the absence of Ryan, who we understand is on the mend! And Clemmons got great support from Cox on vocals in Alleman’s absence. Original “Naugatuck” was great, as always, followed by a low-down-and-dirty “Use Me,” with Clemmons at 11 on the intensity meter. After “Under the Weather,” Clemmons was joined by Foundation for “Do It Like You Do” (Lettuce).

In my article about the Wednesday show, I opined how much I liked the song “Grandma’s Hands,” one I had never paid enough attention to. Clemmons and HMM really do this well, and I mentioned it would be great to hear even more of the song. They answered brilliantly, with a “Grandma’s Hands > No Diggity > Grandma’s Hands” sandwich. As Mr. Clemmons would say (shortly thereafter): OH YEAAAAAAAH!

You would think by now I would be able to distinguish “Afroshaft” from other great Afrobeat songs the band plays, but: NO. Whatever the name, it was great. Then MusicFestNews’ Matt Hillman was asked to blow harp on “Devil Funk,” which also featured a fine percussion break by Morales and Wright, then Cox, Harvey, Hillman, and Wright. OH YEAAAAAAAH!

“Brickhouse” was just plain fun, and then it segued into a song I should know, finally back to “Brickhouse.” “Shake It with Me” turned into another Afrobeat explosion, percussion first, then another badass guitar solo. And “Big Bad Wolf” is always such a strong performance.

Holey Miss Moley dipped a third time into The Meters’ Rejuvenation with “It Ain’t No Use.” This has always been a band staple, and they blow it up every time. But this time was… even more intense. After a great long version, HMM morphed that into their “Ja Jam,” a wicked uptempo funk coda to the Meters song.

Except that this coda lasted at least five minutes of some of the best mind-blowing, face-melting funk I have ever heard. EVER. Cox, Harvey, Guzman, Morales, Wright and Clemmons were flame-throwing.

JA JAM! That was as good as it gets.

(Regrettably, we missed the third set. Of COURSE it was on fire!)


That means tonight at the Blueberry Patch (Hometeam New Year’s Rally Pre-Party) will be Holey Miss Moley show 41!

And Flat Land, Ajeva and The Juanjamon Band! OH YEAAAAAAAH!

[HOLEY MISS MOLEY 1: Doo Rag, Just Kissed My Baby, Bermuda Triangle, House of the Rising Sun, Bridge of Sighs, Hey Pocky A-Way, Superstition, Naugatuck, Use Me, ?Under the Weather?, Do It Like You Do, ??; 2: Grandma’s Hands > No Diggity > Grandma’s Hands, ?You ? Me?, ?Afrobeat tune?, Devil Funk, Brickhouse > ?? > Brickhouse, Shake It with Me > ?Afrobeat?, Big Bad Wolf, It Ain’t No Use > JA JAM!; 3: ]


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