The ‘Dam Place is Closing, and It’s a ‘Dam Shame

dam shot

Well, ‘Dam!

The ‘Dam place is closing. It’s a ‘Dam shame, because it was one of the best ‘Dam places to hear awesome ‘Dam music and drink great ‘Dam beer in DTSP (that’s Downtown St. Pete, for the non-locals).

dam j z

In DTSP, “Jay Z” has an entirely different meaning. John Cullen and Zoie Torres will forever be remembered for their heartfelt support of music and their desire to provide a wonderful establishment where “everybody knows your name,” because that is exactly the sort of establishment The Amsterdam is, and will be, until music shuts down this Saturday night, June 11.

dam cullen

Noise ordinance hassles from idiots eventually led Zoie and John to shut down operations at 1049 Central Avenue. Be assured that this remarkable couple will be around in some fashion, continuing to support the scene in every way they can. They will always be a part of the Keep Saint Petersburg Local movement.

dam cullen exchange

We will always remember the local bands, the national acts, the groups John was just bursting for you to hear, the Funk Cancer events, and the fundraiser  Keepin’ D Funky, including a reunion of CopE two months after they had played their last shows.

We will always remember the wonderful wall outside which went through so many fabulous iterations, the outdoor stages, the all-day events, the mastheads on the wall, the ciders and meads, the times when you had the place to yourself, and the times you couldn’t get in the door.

We will always remember a thousand bands and performers who called the ‘Dam home, the ‘Dam Family Funk Jam, Tuesday Jazz nights, comedy shows, and benefits for all aspects of the St. Pete community and beyond.

dam friday

Tonight (Thursday, June 9th), The ‘Dam will feature a DJ with ‘80s music. Friday the lineup includes The Wrenchers, Twisty Chris & the Puddin’ Packs, and Midnight Bowlers League.

The final show on Saturday has Jordan Esker & the Hundred Percent, House of I, and the Jackettes. Check the official Facebook page, though, as John has indicated he may try to have music all day long.

dam final

John and Zoie gave and gave and gave of themselves. And we thank them. Endlessly.

And to those who took it all away: BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.

dam sidewalk

Gorgeous chalk work by Loe Sanz


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