Fil Pate at Della’s After Dark | 04.07.16


We had the opportunity to dine at Della’s After Dark in Brandon again last evening. The food is absolutely spectacular, and they have been working hard to support live jazz every Friday and Saturday. Recently, they added Thursday to the jazz menu with music from Fil Pate, who appears as Filoop, playing multiple guitar layers and mandolin.

Last night was amazing. For one thing, he played for three hours and ten minutes without getting up. But it is WHAT he played that was mind-blowing. Here, as best I can reconstruct, is the setlist from last evening. Then comments.


[FIL SOLO: 1, Solar, Star Eyes, Night in Tunisia > original, Freddie the Freeloader, Mr. P.C., Take the A Train, I Mean You, ‘Round Midnight; WITH DRUMS: St. Thomas, Stormy Monday, All of Me, Afro Blue, Song for My Father]

Seriously. This was amazing. Late in the set, suddenly drummer José Cochez set up a minimal kit, grabbed his brushes, and jumped into the music. It was deluxe.


Most of the songs stretched to 10-15 minutes with superb interpretations and some nice out ventures. “Mr. P.C.” and “‘Round Midnight” were particularly excellent, and their take on “Afro Blue” was as good as any I’ve ever heard; you understand what that means. Fil’s mandolin playing on top of a guitar bed is breathtaking.

This is a personal request on behalf of a great restaurant and a commitment to jazz in Brandon. Please check out the food and the music. You will be very glad you did.

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