Mind Body & Soul Festival 2: Mending Every Part of You

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Music festivals are a blast. And many of them have more than just music. Often, there are yoga tents and wellness workshops and hooping classes and art installations and more. Some lean heavily toward these incredibly important aspects of our community.

And some are focussed primarily on those aspects. Doug Marris has spent years promoting healthy and wellness at festivals (60 in the past four years!) and working tirelessly to promote these causes. His Mind Body & Soul Festival 2, a health and holistic event, is right around the corner, April 1-3, at Maddox Ranch in Lakeland FL.

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There is plenty of great music, which we will talk about, but that is not the primary focus of this great event. Let Doug explain it:

There will be more than 120 workshops, classes and seminars on:

Yoga, massage, martial arts, healing, meditation, nutrition, gardening, self-sustainability, love & relationships, art, music, activism and more, including: kids’ corner, petting zoo, hayrides, mini ponies/unicorns, vendors, pool and hot showers, camping, drum circle, and cirque, fire & flow acts.

HEALTH & HOLISTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please: NO SMOKING/VAPING in common areas: stage/concert/vendor/workshops/kids’ corner!!!! Thanks!

NO illegal drugs/substances, no fireworks, no PETS, no glass!!!!!

I made this fest/event so people/families could come to an event and NOT be surrounded by people “under the influence.” We are very serious in this goal!!

“Please respect the vision.”

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*Children 15 and under are free

RISING LIGHT will be hosting the “MIND” workshop area.

THE SACRED LOVE TEMPLE will be hosting the “SPIRIT” workshop area.

MYSTIC TRIBE will be hosting the “WIND” workshop area.

TONY SOTO & his love PYRAMID will be hosting the “EARTH” workshop area.

ZEN AWAKENING FEST & THE TEMPLE OF DANCE will be hosting the “BODY” workshop area.


zf jun 1

Jun Bustamante

MIND, BODY, and SOUL Festival will be making a donation to one or two charities to be announced soon! One is definitely the local food bank; we will be having a can drive/raffle with prizes!!!!!

PACK IT IN AND PACK IT OUT! NO-TRACE EVENT; PLEASE take your trash home with you!! Thanks!

So you see this is a very special event, one that you, your mind, your body and your family will benefit from attending. Doug is quick to remind us that NO event could survive without the support and contributions of hundreds of teachers, staff, volunteers, and performers. “Also,” he said, “I’m proud to say that I have three promoters working admissions/gate: Niekko Chin from Zen Awakening, Jenelle Bean from Hometeam, and Belinda from Earth Dance.”

Row Jomah

Row Jomah

There is much great music on tap in addition to the outstanding workshops and classes available. Some of the area’s best talent is on display, including Troy Youngblood (Soulfish) with Dennis Stadelman (CopE), Celtic Vibes, Felipe Bennett, Laura Shepherd, Barefoot Billy, Classic Cookie, Jesse James, Toby Trumpet, Emily Ross & Mathew Frost, Charli & Not Tuna, Josh We Know, Spidersong, Jun Bustamante, Este Loves & Jason & the Greenes, Mama Gina, shoeless soul, David Duslovitch, Row Jomah, Mario (Fuzzy Britches), Treblehawk Brian, Unsupervised, Cosmic Chillbillies, El Dub, Flint Blade, Wezooga… and more to come.

Folk, blues, rock, funk, Americana, indie, contry, Native American — there is music for everyone at Mind Body & Soul Festival at Maddox Ranch. These bands and performers have played many music festivals, including The Great Outdoors Jam, Earthdance Florida, Hometeam New Year’s Rally, Little Econ Love Fest, Zen Awakening, Orange Blossom Jamboree, and ZenFest, and scores of local clubs as well.

Mama Gina

Mama Gina

Please make plans to attend. You can find ticket information and much more on the official Facebook page. And bless you, Doug Marris, for all you do for our family and our community!


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