Leisure Chief Album Release Party at Will’s Pub Monday

leisure bannerTonight is the night every Leisure Chief fan has been waiting for: the release of the band’s first album, King of Nothing. This album has been in the works for the past few months, and Leisure Chief is excited to unveil the new album at Will’s Pub in Orlando.

Also on the bill for this evening are Anthony Cole’s Central Ayr Pro and Electrif Kif. Doors open at 9. You don’t want to miss this great event.

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Leisure Chief just played a brilliant late-night set at the Little Econ Love Fest on February 13th. These boys funk, rock, roll, and play jazz, reggae, and more. To quote our MusicFestNews review:

There was something different about the set by Leisure Chief. They certainly deserved this late-night slot, but this was truly special. Christian Ryan was front and center again, but the entire band was on fire. They roared out from the very first note. Matthews threw in a Zappa quote during the second tune, a screaming funk piece. He swears he didn’t quote “Milestones” during “Grand Mastrr;” we’ll have to check the recording. Ito Colon had joined the band. Nick Bogdon was ripping on guitar all set.

Just who are these Leisure Chief gents, you ask? Nick Bogdon plays guitar and sings lead vocals. Derek Engstrom is the drummer and also sings. Chris McMullen plays bass; he sings too. Keegan Matthews works with a variety of toys: organ, Fender Rhodes electric piano, other keyboards (and the key-tar!); and Christian Ryan also has lots of toys: alto, baritone and tenor saxes and flute. Ito Colon adds percussion to the mix.

All members contribute to writing and song development, and the Little Econ performance marks even greater maturity and fullness of sound. This should be a dynamite album release party.

Congratulations, Leisure Chief!

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