Orange Blossom Jamboree: Legacy Orchestra Collective want YOU… to sing along!

Sean Maloney has a devious plan. No, wait. That was a former Florida governor. Maloney has an ingenious plan. He performs as Legacy, a looper of great talent and passion. Sometimes, he puts together an amalgam of musicians from the entire jam community to perform. He gathered diverse bands for Hometeam New Year’s Rally and Gov-Fest, both eclectic and very well-received.

He’s at it again. This time, the plan is for the Legacy Orchestra Collective to invade the Hometeam Stage at the Orange Blossom Jamboree in Brooksville, Florida, on Friday. The festival runs from Thursday, May 14th, through Sunday, May 17th under the trees at the gorgeous Sertoma Youth Ranch. This show promises to be epic. He has recruited members of three groups performing throughout the weekend – and more players to be named later. He is also preparing a mind-blowing and totally unexpected setlist, with one guarantee: you will be singing every song right along with him and his merry band.

Members of Green Sunshine, who headline the Dunedin Brewery Stage Thursday night, will be on stage. Jazz, funk, soul and hip-hop, anyone?

Then Legacy roped the Serotonic boys into the gig. Are they a funky jazz band or a jazzy funk band? You might as well sort out left Twix and right Twix. Serotonic has a Saturday afternoon slot on the Dunedin Brewery stage.

And what of Holey Miss Moley? Legacy and HMM performed together at one time as Legacy and the Herd. They have maintained a tight friendship ever since. Most recently, Legacy was on stage with HMM at the Ringside Café for a pre-OBJ party with Ajeva and Come Back Alice (all three bands play OBJ Saturday). Be forewarned however: if you already have a bad case of Bath Salt Zombies, you might not recover if you catch “Devil Funk!”

The biggest problem? Finding a stage to accommodate that much funky talent. This will be epic!


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