Shak Nasti w/ Roosevelt Collier | The Hub 03.14.10

I recognize that I cannot be objective in this. I have become an enormous fan of Shak Nasti, and their show this past Sunday night in Tampa is simply the best musical performance I have ever seen in 44 years of concert-going (and that includes Hendrix, Zep, Zappa, P-Funk, GD, WSP, Mule, ABB and the rest). They were positively stunning. Roosevelt Collier, the pedal steel player from the Lee Boys, was with them. Sadly, no tapers. I HAVE to get a rig so I can record their shows.

Rion Smith and Matt Lapham, drums and bass for Shak Nasti, will perform at Wanee with Bobby Lee Rodgers, and guitarist Tim Turner may join them as well. Roosevelt and the Lee Boys are performing with Kofi and Oteil.

I recommend downloading the Shak Nasti shows from Bear Creek (11.13.09 & 11.14.09). if you cannot, send me your mailing address, and I will send the disks to you.

For Florida folks, Shak Nasti, the Mighty JCs, Daryl Hance and Thomas Wynn are some of the Saturday performers at Antemesaris, a small festival in Brooksville this weekend.


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  1. June 3, 2014 @ 12:01 am How much house can I afford?

    Well damn Justin needs to come back to Florida to Ybor city, clubs always on point there. Lmao


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