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On the Rise: Voodoo Visionary

Bret Peretz had repeatedly told me about a band from Atlanta that his company, Don’t Fret Entertainment, was helping to book. This was going to be the first visit south of Georgia for Voodoo Visionary, playing several venues, the prime one of which was opening at the Crowbar in Tampa for Displace, holding their album…

The Fritz, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong and Big Something all set to wreak havoc on The Great Outdoors Jam

Chief Meters-ologist Kenny Blair of Accujammer Radar is predicting that three — count ‘em, three — hurricanes are heading down the Eastern seaboard from North Carolina, all three set to converge on the Great Outdoors Jam Independence Day weekend at the Maddox Ranch in Lakeland FL. Strangely, he doesn’t seem a bit worried. According to…

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