T-24 Hours and Counting: Gainesville Prepares for Spaceship Saturday

Attention, Gainesville! Do me a favor, please. Check your calendar. Got it? Now look at Saturday, August 4th.

You’ve got SPACESHIP SATURDAY in permanent ink, right?


Don’t make me come put that marker in your hand. We’ll let First Magnitude Brewing Company explain:

Join us at First Mag as we present a night of intergalactic, interdimensional funk! Interact with old friends and new as you intercept these incredible vibes at the intersection of great tunes and great beer! With three great interstellar bands, we promise to only interrupt with two intermissions between sets. If there is any interference from the rain interjecting into our evening, we will move the party to the warehouse!

Spaceship Saturday is the docking station for three tremendous bands ready to send you into hyperspace.


When Ajeva describes themselves as playing “interdimensional gospel funk,” you can take that to the bank. This incredible St. Petersburg quintet has been building momentum over the past four years, but they have made that leap to hyperspace this past year, including a stunning headlining performance at Backwoods Fam Jam and a brilliant show at Orange Blossom Jamboree. They’ve played First Mag before and are itching to get back.

Gainesville’s Aquanova is a hard-rocking quartet, and you had us at “psychedelic prog-rock.” Their music recalls the magnificence of ’70s fusion and prog and the best elements of modern heavy music.

The Mermers are also homegrown and delight in their “bring a high energy, eerie interpretation of instrumental surf rock, incorporating classic instrumentation, organ, and even the occasional theremin.”

The Mermers

If you’re looking for run-of-the-mill rock’n’roll, STAY AWAY! These three bands have designs on sending your mind into deep space.

Launch is scheduled for 7 PM Saturday. Best get your space suits pressed and ready! Or why don’t you just send your mind!


Mark Mayea of Ajeva


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