Who, What, Where, When and Why? We Want to Know!

Recently, I’ve noticed a number of Facebook posts that look like this:

Hey, Sandy Beach here. We’re playing at Bob’s Thursday. Come on out!

That’s a great idea, letting people know about your shows.

But could it be better? I am speaking right now both as a fan and as a music journalist. Most of us follow a number of bands. And perhaps we are out of town, looking for music. Or looking to learn about new bands or venues.

So let’s talk about the five Ws: Who, What, Where, When, and Why. OK, Possibly not why, potentially not what. But the other three are critical.

YOU know which band Sandy Beach is in, because YOU’RE Sandy Beach! But others probably don’t. Include the name of the band.

YOU know where Bob’s is, because YOU’RE playing there! But others may not. Include the name of the place and the city. The address is helpful, too.

YOU know what time the show is, because YOU’RE playing! But only the regulars will know, and even that could change. Include show time (and doors, if applicable).

Give us music lovers every opportunity to find you at your gig and see and hear just how great you are!

It beats the alternative!

(Click here if you need a hip hop reminder!)

One more thing. If you want the various music publications to cover your shows, tours, festivals, albums, and more, send us press releases or reminders or something. This has happened to me more than once: person says, “You didn’t cover our [event].” To which I respond, “When did you send the [press release/email/FB post]?” Crickets. None of us is named Claire Voyant.


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