Multitasking Col. Bruce: Musician, Singer, Actor, Magician, Artist

The problem with a statement like this:

“If you are new to Zambi, Col. Bruce is a Southern musician, singer, actor, magician and artist. He has been touring since 1963 with the band Aquarium Rescue Unit and many others.”

is that it initiates more questions than it answers. Suffice it to say that Widespread Panic’s John Bell has always declared: “Col. Bruce is the granddaddy of us all!”

Col. Bruce Hampton (Ret.) is a living legend in the jamband world. From his time with the ground-breaking Hampton Grease Band and The Late Bronze Age to his seminal Aquarium Rescue Unit and numerous other collectives since, he has changed the face of music in substantial ways. This brilliant essay (link here) by Rob Johnson from a 2000 post is a definitive look at the Col. 

Col. Bruce was also an artist at large on Jam Cruise 15 in January, performing with, among others, JoJo Hermann’s Slim Wednesday band. And our Matt Hillman had an outstanding ‘hat’ interview with The Col. — read that here! And he stars in the new movie Here Comes Rusty with Fred Willard (did you see him and Vic Chesnut in Sling Blade?)!

If you’ve never had the pleasure of The Col.’s company, you owe it to yourself to check it out. The faithful already know.


03/09 | Dunedin, FL | Dunedin Brewery
03/10 | Dunedin, FL | Dunedin Brewery
03/11 | Dunedin, FL | Dunedin Brewery
03/13 | Jacksonville Beach, FL | Beaches Museum Concert Series
03/16 | Atlanta, GA | Vista @Napoleon’s
03/17 | Georgia | Private Party
03/18 | Cumming, GA | Good Ol’ Days
03/23 | Atlanta, GA | Vista @Napoleon’s
03/25 | Savannah, GA | A-Town Get Down Festival
03/30 | Atlanta, GA | Vista @Napoleon’s
04/06 | Atlanta, GA | Vista @Napoleon’s
04/13 | Atlanta, GA | Vista @Napoleon’s
04/20 | Atlanta, GA | Vista @Napoleon’s
04/28 | New Orleans, LA | Le Petit Theatre
04/29 | Selma, AL | Rock ‘n’ Ribs Benefit
05/01 | Georgia | Details TBA
05/04 | Atlanta, GA | Vista @Napoleon’s
05/06 | Alabama | Details TBA
05/07 | Steele, AL | CukoRakko Festival
05/11 | Atlanta, GA | Vista @Napoleon’s
05/12 | Tallahassee, FL | Bradfordville Blues Club
05/13 | Macon, GA | Fresh Produce Records
05/18 | Atlanta, GA | Vista @Napoleon’s
05/20 | Atlanta, GA | Northside Tavern
05/21 | Waverly, AL | Standard Deluxe
05/25 | Atlanta, GA | Vista @Napoleon’s
05/27 | Asheville, NC | Bywater
06/17 | Decatur, GA | Eddie’s Attic
06/24 | Cumming, GA | Good Ol’ Days
07/15 | Florida | Details TBA
09/02 | Virginia | Details TBA
10/28 | Natchez, MS | Music At The Mounds

Col. Bruce:


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