Savi Fernandez Band on the Road to Hometeam, with a stop at Dunedin Brewery


A musical thing happened on the road to Hometeam New Year’s Rally.

A bunch of musical things, actually.

Add two more to the list. Savi Fernandez and band invade the Dunedin Brewery for two nights as we inch closer and closer to the Hometeam Rally. Well, it seems like inches, because we can’t hardly wait!

To make it even better, Kenny Blair has a birthday Friday, and so these shows are in honor of him and his great work in support of all of our Hometeam events, especially his Great Outdoors Jam.

Does this mean Kenny's going to play?

Does this mean Kenny’s going to play?

Savi has been on fire this year with tremendous sets at Hulaween, Purple Hatter’s Ball, Camp Barefoot, Soulshine, Orange Blossom Jamboree and much more, including his work at Reggae to the Rescue in Costa Rica. This man gets around!

On Friday (December 16th), he will also welcome to the stage to compatriots who have played with him often (and for good reason): Isaac Corbitt (the Corbitt-Clampitt Experience) and Meesta Juanjamon (the Juanjamon Band). Both Corbitt and Juanjamon are artists at large at Hometeam, and Juanjamon’s band performs as well. The Savi Fernandez Band is also on the bill, of course.

Isaac Corbitt and Savi Fernandez

Isaac Corbitt and Savi Fernandez

On Saturday, Dennis Stadelman will join the festivities with a solo opening set and then playing with Savi’s band. Stadelman and Juanjamon comprised half of the much-revered CopE, and Stadelman’s new project is Sonic Stew, which released an excellent album this past summer, Nine Lives.

Hurry, New Year’s, hurry fast!

Can I get a HOMETEAM? (Done in Danny Clemmons’ voice)


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