Dance Fever at the Hometeam New Year’s Rally Pre-Party!


So, it’s not enough that you throw a huge New Year’s wingding with 36 bands, five artists at large, great visual artists on hand and more.

Oh, no. Not enough. You’ve apparently also got to hold a fabulous pre-party show with four of the great bands on the lineup… plus a couple of interlopers.

That’s Cody Bean’s and Jenelle Bean’s story, and they’re stuck with it.

The Hometeam New Year’s Rally Pre-Party at the Blueberry Patch Saturday, December 3rd, was magnificent. Holy Miss Moley, Flat Land, the Juanjamon Band and Ajeva gave us a lot to look forward to at New Year’s, each band with a tremendous one-hour set.


Holey Miss Moley led off — and crushed. “Devil Funk” had everyone ‘singing’ along (OK, it’s just “devil funk,” “yup” and “Oh, yeah!”). Previewing their Meters’ tribute the following Saturday, they got us dancing to “Hey Pocky A-Way.” Danny Clemmons got down and dirty on “Heart of Steel.” Crushed barely describes it.

Isaac Corbitt

Isaac Corbitt

Those interlopers I mentioned? In the adjoining courtyard, Tony Tyler (Come Back Alice) and Isaac Corbitt (The Corbitt-Clampitt Experience), were entertaining as a duet, harp, guitar, vocals and fun. One of the first-set highlights? “Man of Constant Sorrow!”


Then it was Flat Land’s turn to keep us dancing, and dance we did, to “Poco A Poco” and more great tunes from the band’s awesome album Arrow to the Sun. Corbitt visited to join in on “Kiss” (Prince). Chris Storey was on killing on guitar, with Fae Nae as always in fabulous dress and voice, violin on fire.


After more Tony and Ike, The Juanjamon Band commanded that the dancing continue, immediately rocking “Hey Chester > Night of the Thumpasarus Peoples” and “”Knockin’ Boots > Booty.” Matt Giancola, Juanjamon and Dre Mack were on another planet. The closing “Rosie” brought the house down (OK, it’s outside, but still…).


During the third interloper break, Tony and Ike sent out a wonder tribute to Leon Russell in the form of “Stranger in a Strange Land.”


Ajeva had the last say. Reed Skahill sang “Do Not Command,” but we danced some more anyway. “Better Off” was a great set opener, and Dean Arscott and Taylor blew it up on “Funky Situation.” Corbitt, who is also a Hometeam artist at large joined in on the joyousness of “Ducks from Outer Space,” joining another HTNYR artist at large, Ajeva’s Mark Mayea on keyboards. Clamoring for an encore, they delighted with Santana’s “Nobody to Depend On.” Ajeva plays two sets at Hometeam, one of them a Santana cover set.


How dare you make us have a good time, Cody and Jenelle!

MusicFestNews will see you at Hometeam New Year’s Rally!


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