WARNING: Bath Salt Zombies, Opposite Box and Glostik Willy On the Loose!

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I’ll take POTENT POSSIBILITIES for 600, Alex.

OK. The answer is: The Bath Salt Zombies, Opposite Box, and Glostik Willy.

[BUZZ IN] Which three insanely manic bands are touring together?


Don’t know who (we have some ideas), but somebody thought it would be a great idea to put these three groups together on the same bill —- eight times! Let’s introduce you to the gang!

The Bath Salt Zombies from Daytona Beach claim to play ‘voodoo grass,’ otherwise defined as ‘grunge grass/carnival folk rock/hippie pirate music.’ Got it? The BSZombies are: Graham Woodard, guitar, vocals; Zane Bowman, banjo, theremin, vocals; Tucker Cobb, bass, vocals; Dan Croley, drums, vocals; and lighting by The Elephant Project. Seriously, look at this new album ‘cover’ for Embezzled and Butchered Ballads:

bsz cover cover

A friend described BSZ’s music as “carnival music gone bad,” which is entirely accurate. Whether singing original ditties about bearded ladies, cows gone missing, or mother’s misdeeds or covering NIN’s “Closer” or The Who’s “Boris the Spider,” these boys are plain loco. And that’s before you discuss the black light aspects of their show. Think Rowdy Roddy Piper in They Live.

Then you have Chattanooga’s ‘alternative/funk/experimental’ kings Opposite Box, although that barely begins to describe their over-the-top madness. Opposite Box are: Ryan Long, vocals, keys, trombone; Richard Long, guitar, vocals, percussion; and Ryan Guza, drums, vocals, percussion. This photo will give you a hint:

Ryan Long of Opposite Box

Ryan Long of Opposite Box

The group’s ‘belligerent jungle funk’ is on display on last year’s album Make a Jungle Noise Here. Rock, funk, jazz and psychedelia swirl about in their demented musical mix. Like the Zombies, this is high-performance art of the delightfully twisted kind.

Which leaves us with Glostik Willy, Muncie’s contribution to ‘hippy metal’ and some serious funky prog rock. Glostik Willy are: Jameson Bradford, guitar, vocals; Zach “Buddha” Aguilar, bass, vocals; Ralf Mowf, drums.

bsz glo

For one thing, they’re from Muncie, so there’s that. And their Glostik Willy stickers seem to multiply like rabbits. Crazed, demented rabbits. And their music will shred your brain. Just wanted you to know what you’re getting into.

What you’re getting into is the Road to Pink Moon tour, which begins in Tampa at The Brass Mug on Wednesday, September 7, and they’ve roped in Row Jomah, a Clearwater quintet who also play music with a twist (plus, ‘cats’).

bsz tampa

All three bands head to Sarasota Thursday, then Treasure Island (St. Petersburg) for a doubleheader, as each band performs in the afternoon and again in the evening! Their Daytona Beach date also includes more divine weirdness with Oranga Tanga (whatchamacalit) and Last Electric Rodeo (post-apocalyptic spaghetti western surf rock), and it is an album release party for LER!

Monday, September 12, finds the trio in Jacksonville, then on to Brunswick and Awendaw SC, on the Road to Pink Moon. All three bands will be performing at the Pink Moon Festival in Rock Camp WV September 15-19.

bsz upload_pinkmoon8headerwlineup2

A word about Awendaw Green. Their Facebook page says, “Just out of reach from the stress and clutter of the city, Awendaw Green is a safe haven for all original musicians.” For certain they are going to get original musicians. We’re not sure about the rest of that when The Bath Salt Zombies, Opposite Box and Glostik Willy roll into town!

These boys just ain’t right!


09/07  The Brass Mug | Tampa FL | with Row Romah

09/08  The Gator Club | Sarasota FL

bsz katiki banner

09/09  Ka’Tiki | Treasure Island FL (afternoon and evening shows)

09/10  Band & Blues | Daytona Beach FL | with Oranga Tanga, Last Electric Rodeo

bsz sandwich

09/12  Jackrabbit’s | Jacksonville FL

09/13  Tipsy McSway | Brunswick GA

09/14  Awendaw Green | Awendaw SC

09/15-19  Pink Moon Festival | Rock Camp WV


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