Ka’Tiki Weathers a Wild Night of Shak Nasti

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We’re a new band from Orlando!

That was Tim Turner, guitar player and vocalist for Shak Nasti. In a discussion before the show at Ka’Tiki (Treasure Island, June 3), Turner was talking about how they’ve been out of circulation for a while and how many people assume they are a new band.

Which I found amusing, since this was my 43rd Shak show (or was it 44?). They’ve been playing since 2005.

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I’d had this ear worm all day long, singing “I am amazed at how circles go ‘round…” So what song did they start with? “Circles!” This was a tremendous night, and I am so glad they are back in circulation!

“You Wear Me Out” had its usually reggae-ish lilt, followed by a great jam during “Little Old Money Maker,” the Meters’ tune. They fit in a nice cover of “Last Dance for Mary Jane,” well suited to Turner’s vocal style. “This Time” was a Matt Lapham feature. And here it is again: Lapham is my favorite bass player. Anywhere. Any time. The first set closed with a spirited “Reckless Side.”

The second set absolutely blew up. Rion Smith, the superb polyrhythmic drummer, set things in motion with the intro to “Mind Bomb,” then Lapham adding the massive bass part, Turner’s chunky guitar riding atop the wave. “Postizos” was a perfect vehicle for Smith’s drumming and the percussion of Ito Colon, an oft-time collaborator, parts Latin and Weather Report.

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Lapham provided a sick intro to “Sweet Drunk Bananas,” with Turner cranking out an awesome solo. Lapham added harmony vocals on this and on “Sunsation.” The next song was an instrumental that began with a massive “King Kong” Lapham feature. “Lemon Lime” turned into an enormous jam that teased “Who Knows.”

“A Way Inside” lit up set three, another superb jam. Things slowed down a bit for “Lisa,” Lapham and Turner again stepping out. Then they whipped out a slamming cover of “Good Times, Bad Times,” which really lit up the crowd. At some point, Lapham mockingly added that ridiculous line of Robert Plant’s from The Song Remains the Same, “Does anybody remember laughter?” ROFLMAO

Turner was a part of Christian Ryan’s Garage: A Tribute to Frank Zappa that showcased at Little Econ Love Fest and which is performing again this Saturday (August 27, Skipper’s Smokehouse), along with Holey Miss Moley’s P-Funk tribute and Herbie Hancock’s Thrust performed by Joose. Turner has been a long-time Zappa aficionado, and they next played one of his favorites: “Magic Fingers” (from 200 Motels).

Smith propulsive drumming, at the heart of the beat, steered “Monster.” Next was “Middle of the Bubble,” a tremendous song from x. Great album, great song. And they saved a great one to shut down the night: “Frying Pan.” That’s a Captain Beefheart song. Shak uses the intro to “Willie the Pimp;” that’s a Beefheart feature on Zappa’s Hot Rats that Turner also loves. Toward the end of the tune, each ensuing chorus was faster than the last, until the trio is playing at supersonic speed.

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This was number 44, by the way. And they made a lot of new fans. Hometeam was in the house.

Shak Nasti is part of the benefit show this Thursday at Red Lion Pub in Winter Park for the members of Leisure Chief, whose equipment was stolen while they were in Miami. Brownote, Leisure Chief, The Groove Orient, and Con Leche will also perform. That’s one amazing lineup!

All photographs courtesy of Suzette Sears Baird

[SHAK ONE: Circles, You Wear Me Out, Little Old Money Maker, ??, Last Dance with Mary Jane, This Time, Reckless Side; TWO: Mind Bomb, Postizos, Sweet Drunk Bananas, Sunsation, King Kong intro > Mesopotamia, Clarity, Lemon Lime; THREE: A Way Inside, Lisa, Good Times, Bad Times, Magic Fingers, Monster, Middle of a Bubble, Frying Pan]


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