Serotonic, Row Jomah Join in Grand Opening of de Bine Brewing Co.!

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So, you’re opening a new microbrewery, and you’re trying to figure out the best way to make a splash.

You’ve got it! Have a grand opening. OK. That’s good, but you’d really like to make a BIG splash!

Have two of the area’s best bands play at your grand opening! Perfect!

And that is exactly what Ben Nichols and Vince Megale have planned for this Sunday, June 12th, for the grand opening of de Bine Brewing Co. in Palm Harbor, a brewery and bar. The fun starts at noon and runs until 10 PM.

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First up: beer! There will be a cellar raid with a limited bottle release of some of the first beers ever brewed by de Bine Brewing Co. In addition, a wide assortment of beers will be on tap! And just perhaps, like me, you are a lover of porters and stouts who is regularly disappointed by the number of breweries that have few or none of those on their menus. In that case, you will reach nirvana tonight (well, Sunday, with apologies to Frank)!

Next: food! The Reel BBQ truck will be “smoking and serving!” Your palate is now very, very happy!

Music, maestro, please! Two of the area’s best bands will be on hand to entertain and delight: Serotonic and Row Jomah!

Row Jomah is a quintet that mixes fusion, funk, rock and pop with great success. They have been festival regulars on the Florida scene, each member making great contributions to the band’s sound. The band includes: Jason Berlin, bass; Dylan Chee-A-Tow, drums; Austin Llewellyn, keys; Joe Roma, guitar, vocals; and Melbourne Walsh, guitar. Roma’s distinctive voice is the perfect vehicle for the group’s vocals. Read their MusicFestNews feature and album review here.


Our review of their recent Orange Blossom Jamboree set:

Meanwhile, Row Jomah was having a ball on the back stage, starting with “Tell Me” and roaring straight on through. Nobody was able to keep percussionist Dave Gerulat off stages, either. Partway through the set comprised mostly of originals, Joe Roma invited the ubiquitous Christian Ryan and Sarah “Mama Bone” Phillips on stage — baritone saxophone and trombone!

“Choke,” from their great album Cat People, suddenly yielded to a simply joyous cover of “Call Me Al” that found its way back to “Choke.” And they closed with The Dave Matthews Band tune “Two-Step.” Two interesting aspects. First, this song sounded great with a sonic lead guitar, thanks to Mel Walsh. Second, I could actually understand the lyrics (with Dave, I need an interpreter).

Serotonic: what a perfect name! Serotonin is a chemical that carries messages to the brain and makes you feel good. The music of Serotonic certainly makes you feel good, too. They funk, they jazz, and they rock. And they are great at all three. These boys have been crushing it every time they hit the stage. The quintet has played small clubs, huge Lightning pregame parties, and lots of festivals. Serotonic are: Andrew Kilmartin, drums; Daniel Navarro, bass; Bryan Lewis, keyboards; Jordan Garno, guitar, vocals; and Jon Tucker, saxophone. You can read their MusicFestNews feature here.

Jon Tucker, Daniel Navarro and Bryan Lewis of Serotonic

Jon Tucker, Daniel Navarro and Bryan Lewis of Serotonic

Our review of their recent Orange Blossom Jamboree set:

Then it was Serotonic time. This was my 40th show; I dig them that much. It was outstanding. The sound on all four stages was very good all weekend (the Bath Salt Zombies did their usual great job on their stage), but consistently the best sound of the weekend was on the Sunshine Stage. That pushed the Serotonic set through the (theoretical) roof.

Daniel Navarro is a recent addition to the band on bass; he is also a member of Us Four. Most area musicians point to him as THE MAN. He certainly was this set, but all five members were lit up. “Might As Well” was truly powerful. Navarro, Garno, and Lewis blew up “Rhinobelly.” After “Something New” (a new song), Jon Ditty Didier joined the band to rap on “Cinotores,” and they closed with a new tune, “Off the Rails.”

That’s how you throw a grand opening! Row Jomah plays at 3 PM, Serotonic at 7. One more thing:

Take a look at the bottle cap on the poster. It features a hop, with a twist. The ‘bine’ is a twisting plant stem, such as is found on hops. Thus, the perfect wordplay of ‘de Bine!’ Check out the beautiful logo as well, with the bines at each end.

debine logo

Ben and Vince are making you an offer you can’t refuse: great beer, food, and music to celebrate their grand opening Sunday.

You know what to do! It’s going to be… divine!

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