Funkify Your Life. Get a Little Shak Nasti.

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My love affair with Shak Nasti, the amazing trio from Orlando, is well documented. Tim Turner, Matt Lapham and Rion Smith have been crushing show after show after show since 2004, and I was lucky to catch them for the first time in 2006. 43 shows later, I am as awe-struck as ever by their mind-blowing, face-melting performances.

Rion Smith

Rion Smith

As a reference, please check out my recent article titled “Who the Heck is Shak Nasti, and Why Should You See Them at OBJ?” It was exciting to see so many people who had never seen these boys before raving it up at OBJ. In our MusicFestNews review, I wrote:

It was Shak Nasti time. I had mentioned in a preview there was a very good reason I had seen them 42 times previously: they are amazing. For this set, with bass player Matt Lapham touring with Popa Chubby, Todd Warsing was subbing. As incredible as this set was from all the players, credit Warsing with a superb night; he owned this. In addition to regular members Tim Turner (guitar and vocals) and Rion Smith (drums), Chris Charles joined in on saxes and Keegan Matthews (Leisure Chief) on keyboards.

Tim Turner of Shak Nasti

Tim Turner of Shak Nasti

“Buzz” was a great introduction, with Charles on baritone sax. He switched to soprano for “Sunsation,” and Matthews had a fine solo. Then the boys got down to business with “Middle of a Bubble.” Smith’s polyrhythmic drums propelled every tune, and Turner had a fine solo. “Sweet Drunk Bananas” was a fun romp.

Turner, Warsing and Smith all shone on “Treelocks,” followed by a bouncy “Mule Kick.” On the full-tilt rocker “Mind Bomb,” Charles electrified his baritone to great effect. Discovering they still had a couple of minutes left, Turner selected a favorite of his, the Zappa/Beefheart collaboration “Willie the Pimp.” (Turner is part of Christian Ryan’s Garage, the Zappa tribute who crushed it at Little Econ Love Fest and will reprise their set August 27th at Skipper’s Smokehouse in Tampa.)

Matt Lapham

Matt Lapham

You have two opportunities to hear Shak Nasti this week. On Thursday June 2), the band plays The Smiling Bison in Orlando (showtime is 9:30). Friday, they start early at 7 at Ka’Tiki on Treasure Island. Ito Colon will join the trio on percussion. And Matt Lapham, my favorite bass player anywhere, is back from the Popa Chubby tour.

Funkify your life. Get a little Shak Nasti.



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