Christina Grimmie Murdered After Concert at the Plaza Live in Orlando

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Tragedy struck Friday night (June 10) at the Plaza Live in Orlando, when a young man entered the building and murdered Christina Grimmie, a 22-year-old singer know for her 2014 appearance on The Voice. The concert was over, and Grimmie was at the merch table with a meet-and-greet for a few remaining fans. Grimmie had just performed with Before You Exit.

In the aftermath of the shooting, Grimmie’s brother immediately tackled the gunman, who managed to shoot and kill himself. Her brother is credited with ensuring nobody else was injured. The shooter was not from Orlando, and no motive has been determined. He “traveled to Orlando apparently to commit this crime,” according to Orlando Police Chief John Mina.

Grimmie had gathered a great following after her appearance on The Voice, teamed with Adam Levine of Maroon 5. Since then, her Youtube videos have been very popular.

MusicFestNews extends our most sincere condolences to Grimmie’s family, her friends and her fans. We especially are thinking about those present at the time of the shooting.

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And we are also thinking about those who run and work at the Plaza Live. Over the years, this has been one of the best concert venues in Florida, and they have consistently brought local, regional and national acts to Orlando, working hard to ensure the strength and health of Florida’s music community. They released this statement:

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those lost as well as those that witnessed and aided in the recovery after this senseless act.”

Understandably, all shows and events have been postponed or suspended “until further notice.”

We hope we never have to post an article like this again. Music is about life. Music is life. Bless you, Christina Grimmie.


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