Alchemy Rising Music & Arts Festival May 12-14. Let the Face-Melting Begin!

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The Alchemy Rising Music & Arts Festival takes place May 12-14 at Frontier Ranch in Pataskala OH, presented by AlchemyHouse. The music is guaranteed to melt faces and blow minds, but there is so much more than just the music for you to do and see!

Frontier Ranch has in the past hosted numerous events, including Hookahville, Resonance Music & Arts Festival and Tribal Connection. Festival organizers shared this:

“We are putting an enormous amount of energy into creating a complete festival experience. We chose Frontier Ranch as a venue because of its rolling hills and natural amphitheater. We have carefully selected bands from across the country to fill the weekend with amazing music. Alchemy Rising will put a special emphasis on art, and workshops. We want to create an atmosphere that celebrates many forms of art including a beautiful art gallery, live painters, art installations, and more.”

“We will be announcing many workshops in the coming weeks. Currently we have secured a bass guitar workshop with John Ferrara of Consider The Source and a guitar workshop called ‘Rhythmic and Harmonic Tools in Soloing’ by the band Marbin, who will be performing a full set as well. We encourage our attendees to celebrate the outdoors, and we’ll have some really cool activities for everyone such as a full frisbee golf course.”

Both of those workshops will be absolutely killer. Ferrara and the Marbin boys are incredibly talented; you don’t want to miss these.

Let’s be clear about the music. If you’re not a huge fan of funk, rock, fusion, soul, R&B, jam, jazz, and jamtronic music, then Alchemy Rising is NOT the place for you! Because you’re sure enough gonna be funked up by the time Saturday night rolls around. You’ve been warned!

At the top of the heap is loopmeister Zach Deputy. Any attempt to categorize the music he plays is destined to fail, because he plays anything and everything. If you look in the dictionary under one-man band, you’ll see Zach smiling back at you.

Two bands that play wicked fusion with a Middle Eastern flair are Consider the Source and Marbin. Both bands will twist you into knots. Broccoli Samurai and Vibe & Direct are bringing jamtronic goodness — two nights each! And Ghost Gardens does live electronic music as well.

Get your fill of Pink Floyd with Dark Side of the Moon, also playing two nights. If you like your prog with sides of funk, rock, and soul, then be sure to check out After Funk and Yosemight (two nights). Want some reggae as well? Then Tropidelic and Drunken Sunday are your best bets.

SassafraZ, Subterranean, Jeff Klemm & the Letters, and Slap N’ Tickle deliver the funky rock (or rocky funky, perhaps). There is lots of soul, funk, and R&B from groups such as The Almighty Get Down, Mister F, The Bees Trees, and Electric Orange Peel. Hip-hop with your funk? Wanyama. Beatboxing? That would be Lethal FX & Tony C.

David Gans has an eclectic performance solo, with the Dead firmly in the headlights. Dixon’s Violin is an otherworldly experience you will never forget. Then there is Pasadena, with “folksy rock reggae with an Irish twist!” JoJo Stella’s psychedelic rock gets jazzed up, and then there is Space Whale. C’mon. You know you need some space jam in your life. And your artist at large is Ekoostik Hookah’s Steve Sweney, at the ready with his guitar.

Artists? The list is awesome! Enjoy the great work of Jo Jo Davis, Bex Moss, Nicole Reese, Jake Taylor, Sharon Dean, Gavin Gonzo, Zack Lee, Hailey Heartshine, Aaron Raybuck, Mo Moscarillo, Jessica Bowen, and Sky Yencer.

There will also be flow arts, meditation, yoga workshops, and more to be announced soon! The fest organizers also have this consideration for you:

“Both of our stages this year will be covered. You can enjoy all of the scheduled music no matter the weather! We expect great weather this year, but have taken into consideration all factors. We feel like covered stages are absolutely essential in putting on the best event possible.”

Please be sure to go to the official website for important information about camping, parking, VIP, facilities and more.

Warning: the sun block is NOT going to keep your face from melting. Just sayin’…

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