4th Annual Spring Beer Jam at the Dunedin Brewery About to Explode!

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The most certain sign that spring is here is that it’s time for the fourth annual Spring Beer Jam at the Dunedin Brewery! Michael Lyn Bryant and compatriots have once again put together an amazing four-day lineup of music and, well, beer!

The action starts Thursday, March 24th, and runs through Easter Sunday. Better whip that Google calendar out!

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8 – 10  The Outer Vibe

Are you ready for ‘cinematic surf disco?’ We are! Looks like the Ultraviolet Hippo boys are bringing their Grand Rapids MI to the party!

10 – 12  Roosevelt Collier’s Heavy Petdown

Something magical occurs every time the Heavy Pets and Roosevelt Collier join forces. Faces will melt, and it’s only Thursday! Prepare thyself!


6 – 9  DJ 45Revolver

This might be the hardest-working DJ you’ll ever see. Truth in advertising: all he plays are 45s — glorious funky singles from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s. Outrageous fun to kick off your Friday.

9 – 11  The Heavy Pets

The Pets’ theme for the evening is Spaghetti Warhol & Friends. We’re not sure what that means, but we ARE sure it will be deluxe.

11 – 1  Ultraviolet Hippopotamus

In Hippoville (also know as Grand Rapids), if you add rock + jam + electronica + prog, you get Ultraviolet Hippo. They’ll show you how it’s done.

1 – 3  DuBBle James (silent disco)

James Wuest and James Newitt play so jamtronic funk. Oh. You might know them better as Jim and Jamie, keyboards and drums from… The Heavy Pets, of course!


3 – 4:30  The Juanjamon Band

The funkiest band in these here parts, throwing down sick, sick shows every time they hit the stage. This funk is “deeper than deep!”

5 – 6:30  AlyCat

The Philly quartet plans to follow the funk path with their version of funk/rock/electro/dance. Not a coincidence that Aly Newitt is in the band!

7 – 8:30  Count Bass D + Dillon

Count Bass D is joining forces with Dillon to deliver that Atlanta hip-hop to the 727.

9 – 11  Ultraviolet Hippopotamus

More deluxeness from the Michigan gang; they love playing Dunedin!

11 – 1  The Heavy Pets

So Thank You Music is the theme of the night, and it’s worth recalling the legendary 25-minute version of that song the Pets blew out at the brewery last year.

1 – 3  Future Vintage (silent disco)

Superb jamtronic trio crushing on their excellent new album, Doin It Right.


4 – 5  Fat Mannequin

The guitar boys from the Pets, Mike Garulli and Jeff Lloyd, do their amazing acoustic thing, this time as Wooden Fish. But ask for “Eleanor Rigby” regardless: guaranteed one of the greatest things you will ever hear. Tony D’Amato (bass) will join them.

5  Pig Roast Family Dinner

5:30 – 6:30  Savi Fernandez

Savi, fresh off a headlining show at the House of Blues, plays reggae, funk and more, but tonight he will be channeling Jimi Hendrix. Fasten your seatbelts.

7:15 – 8:45  Uncle John’s Band

Which Dead tribute band was asked by The Dead to play in Chicago on the afternoons before the Fare Thee Well shows? You’re darn right it was UJB!

9 – 11  The Heavy Pets

Walrus: A Beatles Tribute: they have been perfecting this show for months. What a way to close down Spring Beer Jam!

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