It’s time for Hometeam New Year’s Rally! (Well, almost)

Let’s consider your New Year’s plans. Carefully.

Option [A]. Go out someplace. Dodge totally blotto drivers on the road. Refrain from getting blotto yourself (unless you take a taxi or limo). Keep an eye out for police checkpoints. Spend a LOT of money.

Option [B]. Sit home and watch the idiot box.

Option [C]. Join a couple thousand or so of your best friends and family at Maddox Ranch for FOUR glorious days of love, fun, music, family, and NO driving.

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[C]learly, you have come to the only rational option. Join Cody and Jenelle (Homer the Hometeam Pig is going to sit this one out) and the entire Hometeam crew December 31st to January 3rd (Thursday through Sunday). If you’ve been to Maddox Ranch festivals before, then you already know; I’m preaching to the choir. But if you have never been to this little slice of heaven, well…


Viking Guy Productions and Intentcity Teeshirts present the 4th annual Hometeam New Year’s Rally, and this year promises to be huge, thanks in part to the great assistance provided by Organic Vision Presents. Here is just a preliminary look at the amazing lineup:

The Werks headline this year’s festivities shortly after releasing their fourth studio album, In a Dream (read our review here). They play at festivals nationwide in addition to hosting their very own Werk-Out Festival in July.

album cover

The Heavy Pets are South Florida’s ambassadors to the jam community. They too have played at festivals throughout the country. They cover the entire spectrum of music, and band members have four or five side projects as well. These gentlemen are busy; “So Thank You Music!”

We can have a debate, if you like, about the best pedal steel player on the planet. Roosevelt Collier gets my vote. He has played everywhere, with everyone, and he just had a spectacular recent tour to Colorado. He has also hosted three Suwannee Getdowns at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park. And this trio is mind-blowing.

The Mantras bring their progressive rock jam from North Carolina for your consideration. They have played festivals throughout the Southeast and host their own Mantrabash in September which Viking Guy himself attended to check them out.

Pirate’s Choice will be an amazing collective led by Luke Quaranta of Toubab Krewe and members of Antibalas and Benyoro! If you miss this set, you’ll have to walk the plank!

No Hometeam event would be complete without The Applebutter Express, the wonderful folky-bluegrass quartet with decidedly warped lyrics on occasion. You need to see them just to find out how they will top last year’s set opener, “Chocolate Salty Balls,” with Kyle’s mom passing around a tray of… EXACTLY. They will play twice! By the way, they were delicious!

Come Back Alice has been delighting audiences up and down the East Coast with their wicked version of gypsy swamp funk. Every member of the quartet is amazing, and the combination is mind-blowing. they will perform twice; one of the sets will be a recreation of Led Zeppelin’s The Song Remains the Same. Those who have seen them channel the Allman Brothers (Live at the Fillmore, Eat a Peach) will be on the rail!


The Hometeam All-Stars: leave this one up to your imagination!

North Carolina also invades in the form of The Fritz. These incredible funkateers blew it up at The Great Outdoors Jam. They too have been delighting fans throughout the Southeast.

Juanjamon is best know as one quarter of legendary jammers CopE, but this edition of The Juanjamon Band is ridiculous. This funk is so deep, hip boots won’t be enough; bring the waders. Dre Mack and Michael Garrie are sick, sick individuals. Juanjamon is one of the fest’s artists-at-large!

S.P.O.R.E. from Jacksonville have delivered some of the best jamtronic rocking sets seen at Maddox Ranch and the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park.

Holey Miss Moley is an amazing collective of nine individuals (plus or minus) who bring the funk in 20-foot waves. Deep grooves, great vocals, and awesome setlists are their trademarks. Bassist Kenny Harvey is also one of the fest’s artists-at-large!

hmm photo

People talk often about a number of fine soul reviews touring the country. However, there is none better than Orlando’s own Legendary JCs, fronted by the remarkable Eugene Snowden. This is real soul music, ladies and gentlemen.

If you’re looking for funk, hip-hop, fun, and joy, then you have come to the right place: Green Sunshine. This band’s infectious deliver will sweep you up and carry you away.

The Corbitt Brothers Band will make you shake your head; surely there must be more people on stage! Nope. Bass, drums, guitar and the best harmonica player anywhere: Isaac Corbitt. Isaac is also an artist-at-large!

green lights

Serotonic is one of the funkiest, jazziest quintets in Florida, and their repertoire has expanded to some dynamite fusion rock as well. They’ve opened recently for The Motet and Corey Henry and played in front of Lightning crowds.

Copious Jones pretend they are from Georgia, but they actually have dual citizenship with Florida. This superb quartet has graced festivals from Bear Creek and Gov-Fest to The Great Outdoors Jam and more. Great rock paired with intelligent lyrics.


Ketchy Shuby is a solid funk band from Miami with a distinctly warped twist. They have delighted fans throughout the state. Pay close attention to the lyrics so you can ROFLYAO.

Flat Land brings you rock and funk in equal doses from Gainesville, fronted by vocalist and violinist extraordinaire Fae Nae. They have been traveling the Southeast and playing up and down Florida, making new fans with every show.

Sassafraz is Ohio’s contribution to the New Year’s festivities. Like Green Sunshine, they too deliver funk, hip-hop, soul and pop. This will be a great addition to the Florida fest scene.

The Screaming J’s are “hooked on boogie,” the acoustic kind: ragtime piano, drums and guitar/bass. This is pure fun.


Donna Hopkins

Donna Hopkins is a wonderful singer-songwriter and fine guitarist as well. She had a fine set at Gov-Fest, and she will certainly delight again.

Ajeva was a multifaceted quartet who have expanded to an even more amazing sextet. Their funk is deep, deep, deep, and they rock and reggae with abandon.

El Dub is a looper with a reggae-centered acoustic message whose set will put a smile on your face.

Under The Willow is a wonderful Chicago folk/bluegrass/conscious music quintet who also claim dual citizenship with Florida, and Florida is thrilled to have them here as often as possible. The two ladies in the band are wonder players and dynamic vocalists.

shoeless soul would have you believe they play “prozac pop;” don’t believe ‘em. These boys play intelligent rock with great lyrics.

Este Loves played one of the very best sets at The Great Outdoor Jam with her fine band; you should expect no less at the rally!

Ancient Sun from Orlando is an amazingly explosive quartet. Rick Krasowski is a one-man tornado, and their sets cover blues, rock and funk with equal authority.


Leisure Chief is an excellent funk/rock/jazz quintet working out of Orlando. All members are songwriters as well, and their original music is truly excellent.

Future Vintage is a true jamtronic wonder, a brilliant trio who will release their new album December 11th. And Matt Giancola (keyboards) and Trevor McDannel (bass) are also part of that ridiculous Juanjamon Band.

fv3 rc

Justino & The Difference might be the surprise hit of the festival. Together less than a year, their stunning recent performances have featured both intelligent originals and jaw-dropping fusion jazz covers.

The Happy Campers are a joyous band of misfits who fit together perfectly. Sean Maloney (Legacy) and Andy Lytle help to maximize the fun every time they play. And they welcome drummer Ian McLeod to the band!

Jimmy Jams Jukebox: The Sunday Funday Finale. You can just imagine where this is going!


Enjoy our Spotify playlist while you plan and pack! We’ll see YOU at Maddox Ranch!


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