St. Pete’s musical cup runneth over (business as usual)

When it rains, it pours. We’re not talking about the weather; rather, this is about music. And recently it has been a glorious downpour. I’d hesitate to call it an embarrassment of riches, because there is no embarrassment in the wealth of talent filling local clubs, pubs, breweries and music halls in central Florida, especially in St. Petersburg.

Take this Friday night (Sept. 25), for example. There are at least five great places where you can go to catch live music (which, as you know, is what the founding fathers had in mind when they talked about “the pursuit of happiness”) all within a two-mile radius.

wide shot

March Fourth!

The madness starts with the WMNF-sponsored show at the State Theatre, where March Fourth!, formerly know as March Fourth Marching Band, will “perform.” I use quotes, because there is no way to adequately describe this tour de force orgy of sight and sound. And they are joined on the bill by UNRB and Sepiatonic.


Justino & the Difference

Over at Green Bench Brewing, two superb bands are duking it out: Leisure Chief (from Orlando), a killer funky rockin’ jazz band, or perhaps the other way around, collides with Justino and the Difference, a quartet who have made a huge splash since their emergence on the scene a few scant months back. They too are wide-ranging, but their ‘70s-style fusion is simply jaw-dropping.


Leisure Chief

Right around the corner at The ‘Dam (that would be The Amsterdam), The Bath Salt Zombies, famous for both excellent music and mind-blowing black light shenanigans, join forces with Sonic Graffiti, Twisty Chris & the Pudding Packs and Saganaki Bomb Squad. Surrender your brain cells now.


The Bath Salt Zombies

Meanwhile, back at the Ringside Cafe, Meesta Juanjamon is throwing down the heaviest funk on the West Coast… of Florida… and beyond. This band is ridiculous, with keyboard wizard Matt Giancola and bass thumper Trevor McDannell (both from Future Vintage), and Dre Mack (guitar) and Michael Garrie (drum bashing).


The Juanjamon Band

And premier area blues harp player TC Carr and Bolts of Blue grace the wonderful Ale and the Witch.

Come ON already! I can’t possibly have four clones ready to go by Friday!

In ancient Rome

There was a poem

About a dog

Who found two bones.

He picked at one,

He licked the other,

He went in circles,

He dropped dead.

Freedom of choice

Photographs courtesy of Brian Hensley and Matt Hillman

Thanks to Devo for the history perspective


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