March Fourth! — directly to the nearest March Fourth! show!

What would happen if you put the USC marching band, P-Funk, Cirque du Soleil and several Mardi Gras floats full of revelers into a room and stirred — vigorously?

Never mind. Somebody already did it. They used to call themselves the March Fourth Marching Band. Now they’ve abbreviated that to March Fourth! — with the exclamation point! And for good reason. These people are insane. Wonderfully, deliciously, gloriously insane.

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If you’ve seen them before, then you already know, and you know you’re never going to miss a show. Perhaps you’ve only seen a couple of videos and admit it looks pretty cool. Or maybe you have heard the name from a friend or on the radio, and you are curious (not yellow).

This stunning collection of 20 musicians, dancers and acrobats travels incessantly, bringing joy and delight wherever they go. Which is practically everywhere. After several shows in California, March Fourth! heads to Florida for two shows, then back to Idaho, Montana and Minnesota before working their way back east, constantly adding to their hordes of rabid fans. Think that’s extreme? Try to keep one from getting to a show. You’ll find out. The hard way.

Because March Fourth! is just that special. They impressed everyone so much at WMNF’s Tropical Heatwave in May that the radio station is bringing them back this Friday, Sept. 25, at the State Theatre in St. Petersburg. After that, they head halfway down the Keys to the Morada Bay Moon Party at Islamorada Saturday. Then it’s back across the country, doing what only March Fourth! can do.

There is one downside to enjoying March Fourth! live, however. Afterward, everything else seems pretty darn dull! Hey, it’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta to do it.

It might as well be you! See you wherever March Fourth! is playing.

[The St. Petersburg show also features UNRB and Sepiatonic on the bill.]



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