Earthdance Global: the Largest synchronized festival for World Peace in history!

It would be nice to suggest that you get yourself in metaphysical shape for next weekend’s Earthdance Florida 2015, but, frankly, it’s too late. There is simply too much happening. There will be at least 87 musicians, bands and DJs; more than 30 artists; 20+ dance troops and artists (including aerialists); and 64 workshops of every description taking place at the Maddox Ranch in Lakeland FL September 17-20.


Earthdance Global is the Largest Synchronized Festival for World Peace in History! And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is a huge mission statement. This is the seventh such event brought to you by Controlled Chaos Productions. Let them explain how this Florida celebration fits into the international picture:

“Today, there are hundreds of Earthdance locations in sixty countries participating. For this one weekend of September 19, 2015, all around the globe, people join together to dance as one global community, united with a common vision for peace and humanitarian aims. Every event across the globe recites a Prayer for Peace at the same moment – morning in the Australian rainforest, afternoon in California, dusk in Florida, midnight in London, and sunrise over the Himalayas.”

“Within our Global community of sharing peace with dance, Earthdance Florida is creating a themed landscape tale where people can come together to be co-creators in our story that heightens our creativity, brings us closer together, transforms our lives, and awakens our souls. Everyone is a part of our story. From the performers, to our staff, vendors and participants we are all a part of our creative endeavor. Like a cosmic web, together we are spreading our love in infinite directions through our natural creative forces.”

A large portion of the profits are donated to Earthdance International 501c3 and The Salvation Army George W. Jenkins Community of Hope in Lakeland FL.

Take a look at the workshop offerings: Gardening, Communication, Organics, Self-Sustainability, Dreamwork, Law of Attraction, Orgonite, Medicine of the Amazon, Visionary Art Discussion Panel, Yoga, Meditation, Massage, Sacred Dance, Sound Healing, Slackline, Hooping, Fans, Contact Staff, Poi, Dragon Staff, Buugeng, Flow Wand, Fire Eating, Juggling, AcroYoga, with more than 60 presenters. This is epic in scale.

You like dancers and aerialists? How about Zak and What Army?, Mousevader the Allstyle Pharaoh, Sway High, Aerial Dragons, Lollipop Lira, Ill Light and Jenn Ranalli? And two dozen more to entertain you.

Perhaps art of various media is your thing. More than 30 artists will be creating and displaying their creative output, including Bean Spence, Olivia Curry, Artscape, Odendo, Dima Yastronaut and Stephen Barry. Mind-blowing fabulous work of all sorts.

Oh, right. Music, too. Where exactly they will be able to stage nearly 90 bands, musicians and DJs is anybody’s guess, but a reasonable one would be: ALL OVER! There will DJs throwing down just about every sort of music, and there must be a dozen or more to your liking, at the very least. Check out Desert Dwellers, MC Armanni Reign, Kayla Scintilla + Eve Olution, Space Jesus, Kaminanda and Subsqwad.

Live bands? A bunch, including some of the very best in Florida, with Come Back Alice, the Bath Salt Zombies, Greenhouse Lounge, Future Vintage, Flat Land, Telekinetic Walrus, Holey Miss Moley, Ajeva and Legacy. Oh, and the Atlanta connection: Copious Jones!


Prepare yourself for sensory overload! but go knowing that you will have an amazing time no matter what you see, hear or do. You will be with thousands of like-minded individuals in a true co-creating community. Look at the theme of this year’s festival:

AWAKENING: Rise of the Kundalini ~

“Awaken your inner spirit and nurture the tree of life within by getting in touch with your Kundalini. Join us on this collective journey towards cosmic consciousness as we activate our Community Kundalini and ascend its serpent power through the Chakras. Its divine energy will pierce all centers harmonizing us on every level. Together, as we venture through the Seven Chakra Activation Centers and honor our full spiritual potential, our awakening will begin. All of our senses will expand, our creativity will heighten, and our hearts will be reconnected to our soul. During our journey of awakening the veils of illusion will evaporate like a mirage and our eternal source of bliss will be as bright as the day. Our high vibrations will form a solid community foundation and connect us all together as one.”

“We are a Hybrid Community – all walks of life are welcome to join our creative melting pot of love. Our foundation is formed out of love where naturally Art, Music + Energy is created. From this foundation, and as more co-creators join our endeavor, a web is formed that naturally weaves out to infinite possibilities we create together.”



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