Future Vintage | Yeoman’s Road Pub 01.25.14

I have written about Future Vintage several times. This trio has its feet firmly rooted in 70s fusion and funk and its head in the jamtronica clouds. Last night was a thing apart. The funk was so deep that hip boots were useless; you needed a full-body wader. I know I rave a lot, but my opinion was shared by many there last night, including the pirates and wenches bedecked in beads and pirate regalia celebrating the end of the Gasparilla parade and festivities. The boys were operating on a whole new level.

The most difficult part of the night was deciding which band we ought to go see. There were a bunch of great options in the area: Come Back Alice, Displace, Legacy, Holey Miss Moley and Serotonic, along with FV. Every one was a sure-fire great time. Linda selected FV, not in small part because she loves Yeoman’s Road, as do I. “Choose wisely, Grasshoppah!”

It was clear that Matt Giancola, Trevor McDonnel and Dean Rocco decided to go “all in” when they used “The Jibe” as their set-opener. That is the hippest tune on their CD, and that is where they chose to set the bar right out of the gate (I cannot seem to avoid sports metaphors). Everything seemed to work, culminating in a superb long take on Prince’s “1+1+1=3.” Bodies dancing, heads bobbing, feet tapping, everybody in sync.

Somehow, they found another gear for the second set, a two-hour extravaganza with lots of fun and surprises, including a joyful cover of Roger’s “More Bounce to the Ounce.” Their posters promise “dance-inducing electronic funk.” Now THAT’S what I call truth in advertising!

[There are a half-dozen FV shows up on archive. org now (I’ve been to four of ‘em!). This show will be posted soon, and I will rave about it AGAIN! You have been warned.]



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