The Heavy Pets, One Sun | Dunedin Brewery 10.06.13

The Heavy Pets anchored the end of Oktobeerfest at the Dunedin Brewery. One Sun opened. I need to see them again. It was far too loud outside (rarely a problem at the Brewery) to appreciate their music.

Drummer Jamie Newitt confided before the show that the Pets were “down a man.” Mike Garulli, one of the two guitarist/vocalists who front the band, had pulled his back out and did not make the Key West trip or the marathon drive to Dunedin for this show. Pets fans knew that Jeff Lloyd would step up and fill the void, and he most certainly did. The quartet sounded excellent on some favorites and a couple of tunes new to me. We had to split shortly after my personal fav, “Dewpoint.” I’m looking forward to my next Heavy Pets sighting at AURA.

Now the downside. I recognize that I am totally focused when I go to see live music, but I now concede that there are people who are totally UNfocused and have absolutely NO interest in the music. This, however, apparently does not prevent them from sitting right up front and screaming at each other like banshees. These three young harpies in front of us shrieked and blabbed during the entire set (well, as far as we made it). There was no recognition from them that truly awesome music was filling the room. One of the dudes with them sat with his back to the band and never turned around.

It is such a shame that there are people who have no respect for the musicians and no respect for the people trying to listen. I swear I’m wearing that shirt. You know, the one that says:



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