Future Vintage | Dunedin Brewery 10.11.13

To:  Paul Levine & Bear Creek

From:  Scott Hopkins

Cc:  AURA Festival


Hey!  Mr. Hyperbole here.  Yeah, I know.  Curb your enthusiasm.  But there has been so much great music in the Tampa area.  I have posted in recent weeks about Come Back Alice, Cope, the Heavy Pets and Kung Fu (and, not coincidentally, all four bands will be at SoSMP for one or more upcoming festivals).

But I reached nirvana again Friday night at the Dunedin Brewery.  I went to see Future Vintage based on some YouTube videos.  I thought it would be “right up my alley,” as I posted Friday.  Little did I know!

The name Future Vintage is spot-on.  The first thing I heard was vintage Herbie Hancock and George Duke, and that was spectacular.  Then I heard The Motet, the New Deal, Juno What?, Pnuma Trio and other bands of that persuasion – very much the future.  I was blown out – again.

I have been accused – fairly – of repeating my mantra: in the moment, this was as good as it gets.  For Future Vintage, I will go one step further (farther, it’s a figurative step!).  This performance brought me as much joy and elation as any performance I have EVER heard.  And I am thinking about Lee Boys “Go to Glory” / “Dance with Me”-type joy and elation.

Matt Giancola on keyboards, Trevor McDannel on bass and Dean Rocco on drums absolutely killed it the entire night.  And the best surprise was that the best dancer of the first set, Ben Plott, sat in on guitar during part of the second set and help tear the roof off the sucker!

I know they were at the recent Disk Jam, and I have read many good comments about them.  They NEED to be at Bear Creek and AURA.  They BELONG at Bear Creek and AURA!

Check out their EP:


Sorry.  My enthusiasm simply will NOT be curbed!


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